Long press the power button to turn on (or off) the kick scooter and then short press once to change riding modes.

For your safety, the new kick scooter will be locked in the E-save mode of up to 15km/h for the first 200m of riding. After that, the kick scooter will give a beeping sound. You can now switch modes and ride at maximum speed.

Custom mode can be enabled in the NIU app allowing you to set your preferred top speed. For safety reasons, mode selection is disabled in custom mode. In custom mode, the speed can be set to a desired value within 25km/h limit 

Pedestrian mode is enabled with five presses of the power button, and limits the scooter to a maximum of 6km/h.

Cruise control is also available on all Australian and New Zealand models, which can be enabled in the NIU app.